My new Hummingbird Painting!

Hey Yall! Come this February my mother will be gone from us for five years. I miss her everyday. But this painting reminds me of her because she loved hummingbirds so much. So heres to you mom!

I get excited about every new piece. In the beginning before there is paint on the canvas; I have my doubts that I can do it. But then once I start putting paint on the canvas all that doubt starts to go away with every  brush stroke. lol! then after I have a lot of brush strokes on there and it has taken shape but still missing something; Im afraid I am gonna mess it up! Isnt that funny! Anyway, here ya go and I will post again on this painting!

“Painting is Poetry that is…

“Painting is Poetry that is seen rather than felt, and Poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen”
– Leonardo De Vinci

Today I’m working on painting….

Today I’m working on painting. And the next month will be painting, painting, paintings! I got to build inventory! I just realized I give everything away! I only have a handful of paintings! So a painting I will go, a painting I will go, hi ho the dairy oh a painting I will go! I’m in love with it though, so I like it! I’m not even sure I have gotten into the art show yet, but I’m gonna pretend I have and carry on.

“A Picture is a Poem…

“A Picture is a Poem without Words” – Horace

Portrait of my great neice



Portraits by commission. Email for pricing


Art Show

So there’s a new art show in town, coming Nov. 10th and I’m gonna try to enter. Its juried so they want let just anyone in. So I have to send in three pieces to show them my work. So I’m on the fence cause if I get accepted that will give me 1 month to smack out as many paintings as I can muster. I currently have little inventory because I give everything away. So do I send in my very best work, or do I send in pieces that didn’t take to long to make. Here are some examples,

So which ones should I enter to try and get into the show! Suggestions appreciated!

Hi Welcome to my blog. I am Samantha Sloop and this is my new blog site and website; Where I will be sharing my ideas and relaying new cool crafty tricks I learn along the way. I create everyday, and I get so excited to show people my creations; I decided to open this site just for that reason. I figured my facebook friends were probably getting tired of me posting my new stuff so much. So I will do it all here and not feel guilty about bombarding my friends with my creations. Oh, and I love learning new things. That’s how we grow, right! Here’s to growing! P.S. my husband says I tend to ramble, so there will be some occasional rambling, I like to be thorough!